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Doctor Macabre-


I go by the handle “Doctor Macabre.” With a lifelong love for Horror movies, Halloween, and all things ‘macabre’, I set out to create a fun entertainment site for the ghoul in all of you; not only to sink my teeth into new Blu-Ray Horror titles, but to discuss Horror movie news, posters, artists, candy, toys, history, and much more.

I look forward to taking this new step into darkness, and I hope you’ll embrace it with me.

Yours truly, Dr. Macabre M.D.




One response

  1. Mark

    Hey man. I don’t believe i ever commented on your youtube videos but I really enjoyed them and clicked like many times. I have loved film ever since 1977 when I saw Star Wars “A New Hope” in the theater as a 6 year old boy. Your youtube videos did open my mind to horror in a way that I never fully appreciated. You gave me great ideas on some obscure movies to check out like some of the old Shout Factory Horror titles and Hammer films with Christopher Lee which i had almost forgot about. I watched those on Saturday afternoons as a kid! But what did it for me was the way you raved on about the old Universal monster movies. I had always seen bits and pieces of several of the films but after checking out your videos i bought the set on Blu-Ray and i just have to say thank you!! Amazing! I watched Dracula first and so on in order of the release year. Boris Karloff has a new fan. Anyway, thanks again and I LOVE what you are doing with this site. Its awesome!!

    Mark from NC

    April 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm

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