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Ravenous Blu-Ray Review

Blu-Ray Review- Ravenous

Distributor: Scream Factory

Street Date: June 3rd 2014

Technical Specifications: 1080P Video, 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, Color, 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio

Runtime: 101 Minutes

Ravenous (Scream Factory)

Ravenous (Scream Factory)

The Film:

Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) receives a hero’s welcome from the United States Army after capturing the enemy’s outpost during the Mexican-American war. The truth of the matter is literally making Boyd sick to his stomach, as he “played dead” like a coward while his fellow soldiers died, conjured up strength from drinking the blood of the pile of dead comrades above him, and took the fort. When the truth of his cowardice is revealed, Boyd is banished by his superiors to Fort Spencer in California.

Upon arrival, the boozing bookworm Colonel Hart (Jeffrey Jones) introduces Boyd to the unique cast of characters he is to share the foreseeable future with: the cocky Private Reich (Neal McDonough), the goofball Private Cleaves (David Arquette), the faithful shepherd Private Toffler (Jeremy Davies), and their Native American caretakers George and Martha (Joseph Runningfox and Sheila Tousey). Boyd seems hesitant to make any new friends, and lay low until the war subsides. But his hopes of forgetting his past wrongdoings and moving on with his new assignment will be short lived.

A seemingly distraught and near-death stranger by the name of Colqhoun (Robert Carlyle) arrives to Fort Spencer, with a grim tale of his wagon party, led by the mad Colonel Ives, resorting to cannibalism after being stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for some time. When Boyd and his fellow soldiers are lead on an expedition to investigate the story, Colqhoun’s true identity is revealed as the blood thirsty Colonel Ives. Boyd manages to escape the ensuing massacre that follows, but when he arrives back at Fort Spencer to tell his story, Ives has already assumed command of Fort Spencer, and Boyd’s wild story falls on deaf ears.

What follows from this point on I don’t dare reveal, as I implore you to watch Ravenous for yourself. This is a unique brand of Horror story, not only in its historical setting and unique brand of humor amongst the gore, but with an array of strong and sincere performances from a stellar cast. The action is exciting, and the twists and turns cleverly written. Ravenous is one of those oddball films that didn’t get the attention it deserved upon release. Luckily, it has developed a strong cult following over the years, one that I wish you, dear reader, fall in line with.

Video Quality:

While the picture quality is not the total disaster that it’s being made out to be in other early reviews you may have seen, there is definitely a lack of definition here, and various problematic aspects to the source. The print provided by 20th Century Fox features a lack of definition in facial features, scenery, clothing, and other detail that fares only slightly better than DVD quality. The bottom line is that some scenes look better than others, and the lack of overall clarity is more evident in darker, dimly lit scenes than the bright daylight cinematography sequences or the candle/fire-lit interiors of Fort Spencer. Though it’s hard to pinpoint the main source of error that occurred here, it is obvious that some sort of digital scrubbing was utilized prior to Scream Factory’s disc pressing. Though I love the film dearly, this transfer is not up to par.

Audio Quality:

The good news is that the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track gets the job done. Dialogue and background music and effects are well balanced, and while the various channels are never put to full force use, it’s dynamic and spacious enough to warrant a recommendation. Damon Albarn’s score in particular sounds amazing here, a true treat to experience in HD sound.

Special Features:

Scream Factory has included some fun special features for their release of Ravenous on Blu-Ray. Features range from newly created specifically for this release to ported content from the previous DVD edition. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • Interview with Jeffrey Jones: The Ravenous Tales of Colonel Hart- Running over twenty minutes, this fascinating interview with actor Jeffrey Jones is one of the brand new special features created for this Blu-Ray release. The man not only offers some insight into the making of the film, but he truly knows his American history as well. Sharing his knowledge about everything from the westward expansion to early American settlements, and the Mexican-American war to Native American wendigo legends, Jones is clearly an actor who doesn’t just show up on set with his lines memorized, but researches and becomes his role. For me, this is definitely the standout feature on this set.
  • Deleted Scenes- Roughly twelve minutes of deleted scenes from the film, ported over from the DVD release. Having never been mastered at the same quality as the final cut, these scenes are in rough shape and presented in standard definition. The audio is also very hard to hear for the most part, again I’m guessing, a product of not being “finalized” for inclusion in the eventual film. With most deleted scenes I come across, it’s obvious why they were left on the cutting room floor, but for Ravenous, I actually really enjoyed each of these moments, and would love to someday see an “extended” edition with the scenes reincorporated. I’m glad Scream Factory decided to include these for their Blu-Ray edition, which fans of the film will enjoy revisiting.
  • Deleted Scenes with Commentary The aforementioned deleted scenes are included here again, but this time with running commentary from the Director of the film, the witty and talented Antonia Bird, who sadly passed away just last year. Antonia explains the various reasons why each scene was left on the cutting room floor, as well as explains her reasoning for the scripted scenes’ individual purpose in the original script.
  • Theatrical Trailer- The original theatrical trailer for the film is presented in standard definition, running exactly two minutes long. It’s not surprising that the film didn’t fare very well at the box office with this misleading promo, but then again, a film featuring cannibalism set during the Mexican-American war is already a tough sell for a studio.
  • TV Spot- The rather short 32 second TV spot for the film features select scenes from the above trailer with a different voiceover.
  • Photo Gallery (Costume Design & Production Design)- This photo gallery provides a look at the unique costume and production design for the film, providing drawings and storyboards along with text explanations for select items from the film. This is also presented in standard definition, but I’m glad it was carried over.
  • Audio Commentaries (3)- Scream Factory has also included three separate audio commentaries for this Blu-Ray release. The first features Director Antonia Bird and composer/songwriter Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz fame). The second commentary features screenwriter Ted Griffin and Jeffrey Jones, and the third features Robert Carlyle. All three segments provide for an interesting listen, with each set of associated folks offering their own take on the making of the film, its significance, and the history behind it.

The Packaging:

As you can see from the “Unboxing” pictures below, this Blu-Ray release from Scream Factory features the original theatrical artwork for the film with Pearce, Carlyle, and Arquette among some skulls and bones. The reverse of the packaging includes a plot synopsis and a special features listing, with a few select promotional stills from the film. Inside you’ll find reversible artwork and some nice disc art. Well done!

Ravenous (reverse)

Ravenous (interior)








Final Report:

Ravenous is a film that I have revisited several times since its initial release, finding something new to appreciate each time. It’s a unique brand of Horror story with a wicked sense of humor, fun performances from a talented cast, and a brilliant score. This brand new Blu-Ray edition from Scream Factory features a disappointing transfer of the film, a legitimate complaint in an otherwise great release. The audio is perfect, and the special features are fascinating if you’re a fan of the film. It was especially engaging to hear the talented and informative Jeffrey Jones discuss his thoughts on the making of the movie.

Yours Truly,

Doctor Macabre

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